When you have a lot of traffic addresses on your website, then you first get excited that the content is helping people a lot. It can be in any form whether you are selling some product to your customer or web space or any information. This is very important for the people.

If your customers constantly buy material from you, then it makes sense that they can donate to you as a compliment.

There are many websites available that do this. Let’s talk about a very big website, which is the biggest example of a non-profit site that accepts donations. Because it gives a lot of information, and it is free to use. The biggest thing is that we do not see any kind of publicity and propagation, which is the biggest thing on this website. Because its founders want to keep it that way. So to show appreciation for its work, there are donation options in which we can leave donations in it.


We will talk about two ways of taking donations.

The first way in which we will set up the donation account on our own and the second way is when we set up the PayPal account, you can create your own button and customize it.

Its process is quite simple, we can add donation amount to it or we can also choose whether to pay. We can enter the required code above the website.And as soon as people click the button, it will be immediately transferred to PayPal’s website. Where people can fill their details and donate

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