If seen in today’s era, you can enjoy any kind of service and you can give it here too, so generally speaking. The exchange of service is a very big part of our life’s work so this is over all we may say about selling a service.

Now, if we talk here, what kind of service can we give? And how can you make better money from a website. Then it can be any service of any kind, whether it is cleaning your house or cleaning the car, gardening or teaching or what people need. Now here we talk about an example of how you can spread yourself with any service in which you are in expert.

Unique selling point is a place that recognizes your talent and it helps you to sell it. So here’s the thing is which talent? So a talent that is present in you and in which you are an expert. That something like: you do good graphic designer or you do good painting or you also play guitar or you teach someone well. So to say that you are a good product and you are ready to sell your talent and unique selling point will help you. But the question is what the unique selling point is? Now there are many platforms that help you to sell your talent that are following.


In all these places you will get one your space free. And you will have to register at that place. And will have to accept some minor instruction and just start again. The special thing about this place is that it will reach your customers only where it will be needed. Meaning if you are a good painter. Then the video or image of your painting or your blogs will reach the same customer as the customer to learn the painting.


Now let’s talk about two special websites like https://www.wix.com/ and https://www.squarespace.com/ , you can create this website in a very easy way, on this website you will find more than 500 designed templates. Which you have to drag and drop. If you want to have a success story. You will find a lot of stories on YouTube and on https://www.wix.com/, you were the first transgender model on Isis King. A lot of agencies were impressed and started getting a lot of work.

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