Selling your place for any suitable publicity, but first you have to make that place but how will that place be made, then that is some of the work that you have done at the place where traffic comes. But let’s work, because of which traffic will start coming to your place, let’s make a list of it.

  • Tech knowledge in local language.
  • Service providing around you.
  • Youtube videos.
  • And many more.


CPC (Cost Per Click)- Selling Ad space by using per click model, and receiving commission from the Advertisers.

There are two ways to spread the publicity so that traffic can come to your website. Which we will take detailed information now.

Selling Ad Space

  1. Google Ad sense: – It will be very important for people to get their work right, so it is a very big role of Google Ad sense to bring traffic to your website, Google embeds a code on your website for advertisement.

Google definitely looks at your content so that it can be insured about two things, one is how your content is and the other is how to give it to you advertisement.

  1. Direct selling: – Under Direct selling, you can sell and sell your space to companies directly, for that you will have to do a lot of work, but by doing this, you will get more ad revenue.
But both these processes will work only when there is too much traffic on your content.

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